Obtaining the status of residence

Vietnam visa and work permit

Foreigners need two types of work visa and work permit to work in Vietnam.
If you stay for more than one year, you will need to obtain a temporary residence card.

We accept work permit (work permit) and temporary residence permit
(temporary residence card) on your behalf.
The cost will vary depending on the conditions of the applicant,
so we will ask for details and submit a formal quotation.

About work permit

Under Vietnamese labor law, foreigners working in Vietnam are obliged to obtain
a work permit.
However, it is not something that can always be obtained, and conditions for obtaining it are set.
Since the conditions for acquisition are updated frequently, it is necessary to confirm at any time based on the applicant’s information when acquiring.

Applying for a work permit requires a series of procedures that takes approximately two months.
Also, please note that you cannot use your passport during the application period.

The prerequisites for acquisition are 18 years of age or older, good health, and past criminal history, and must be one of “manager / manager”, “expert”, or “engineer”.


Step 1

Please contact us by phone or email first.​

Step 2

We will clarify the necessary items through in-depth discussions regarding the service you desire.

Step 3

We will scrutinize the optimum service based on the customer's request and create a plan.

Step 4

We will make a clear proposal with a professional staff so that the customer can be satisfied with the quotation.

Step 5

After completing the contract, we will start work immediately.​